23.04.2011 kl. 23:43
Damn you I'm falling

From down there I will watch your Icelandic truck passing by
and I will think of that one word


He sang about killing spiders,
about that feeling he gets
when he is killing spiders

He sang that it was an amazing feeling
a healing feeling
but nothing compared to what he would get
of this song

He would get you,
you were coming,
he knew it
You were bewitched by this spider-killing man
and wanted to share his amazing feelings
I felt left unbound

He was the radiostar
I was the one who knew the one kind of hope
you can throw away
The one
who threw it away

He was the one you were going to,
you said you didn't choose him but yes you did
you chose a fucking song of spider-killing detergent
which gave this star such extraordinary feelings

I was the one who filled my life with unhealthy despair
and who couldn't sing

Just because he was a radiostar
and sang about healing feelings

I'm trying to rape the repeat-button
but the song never left my mind
it's never going to

just because he was a radiostar

just gonna hitch-hike to my own
you're the only one who once knew what that meant
but it's meaning has changed
nobody knows where I'm going